• ``FEARLESS GIRL should be required reading for anyone that wants to live boldly and bravely well into their later years.`` ~ Tiffany Woolf, Silver Screen Studios, Founder & CEO
  • ``It will inspire you to rekindle your dreams and truly live life to the fullest.`` ~ Bill Shafer, Executive Vice President, Growing Bolder
  • ``When someone this extraordinary shares her insights, you read it!`` ~ Michael Chapman, Tony Award winner, Millennium Dancesport Championships organizer and former World Exhibition Champion
  • ``...not just a fairy tale your parents read you at bedtime...no dream, however ambitious and wild, is impossible!`` ~ Suthichai Yoon, Veteran Thai Journalist

Defying gravity, this remarkable mother, wife, grandmother, mentor and dancer has inspired so many with her talent and mental strength.

She is paving the way for women of all ages.  Strength, age, and ability are what you define them to be.  When you find your purpose, you find your passion.  And when you find your passion, you unleash your power.

Quin’s every day mantra is: “When things are going good….work harder!

Dream it!  Believe it!  Be it!


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